Agrawal Prajwal Sanjay

Research Associate at ARSL, ETH Zurich

Prajwal Agrawal is currently the Additive Manufacturing Lead and Research Associate at ETH Zurich, Switzerland working with Prof. Daniel Ahmed on developing cutting-edge fabrication technologies for acoustics robotics, (bio)fabrication, precision medicine, and additive manufacturing. Previously he worked as a research assistant in Prof. Shrike Zhang’s group at Harvard Medical School and Brigham's and women's hospital, USA working towards fabricating and developing novel techniques for bioprinting and tissue engineering, especially for orthopedic, colloidal photonic crystals, and other applications.Having completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University in the USA and VIT Vellore in India, he has a B.Tech. degree in Mechanical (Major) and Civil (Minor). Since May 2017, he has worked at the Manufacturing Department, VIT campus. Here, his research focused on the fabrication and analysis of metals, natural fibers, composites, and other materials. For this, he has been awarded G.D. Naidu Young Scientist Award, the Achievers award, and C.V. Raman Award by VIT for his outstanding academic and co-curricular performance. Moreover, he has been awarded third place for the best poster award at the MaP Graduate symposium, 2022. Besides academics, he has collaborated with companies such as Bosch, Mahindra Rise, Natural's Sugar LTD, and others. Among his publications are 15+ papers in high-impact peer-reviewed journals, such as Materials Today, Nature Communications, Small Structures, Applied Physics Reviews, Advanced NanoBiomed Research, and others. He has also written two book chapters. In addition, he has written a editorial and 4+ conference papers. Furthermore, he serves as a reviewer for several journals published by Springer Nature and Elsevier.